Korean Focus Cincinnati  is a support organization for families with children from Korea.  We provide families touched by Korean adoption with information and programs on Korean culture and the adoption experience.

Membership is open to anyone involved with Korean adoptions, and those persons wishing to support Korean adoptions.  Only active KFC members have access to the members only section of the site, please fill out our contact form if you have any questions about becoming a KFC member.

If you are an active KFC member and do not have yet registered on this site, please click here and fill out our quick form, it will  only take a few seconds and you will have full access to our site, including pictures, blog, message board and more.

The following is a list of KFC funded activities:

February – New Year Dinner celebration.  At this event, we have Korean food catered in, provide entertainment and have a silent auction on items donated by KFC families.

May – Children’s Day Celebration.  At this event, we rent a shelter at Harbin Park in Fairfield, OH, share a meal and have traditional Korean and American picnic games.

June – Ice Cream Social.  At this event, we rent a “Moon Bounce” and provide ice cream and drinks.  Everyone brings a topping to share.  We hand out door prizes.

TBA – Camp out.  During this weekend, members can camp out one or two nights or come up for the day.  We camp at Winton Woods state park.  Everyone pays for their own camp site and brings a dish to share at a potluck dinner.

October – Harvest Moon celebration.  At this event, we meet at a predetermined location.  Every year it is different.  All members bring a dish to share and we provide drinks.  Crafts are the only organised activity.  We meet at a park or location that specialises in Halloween fun.

November – Parent’s Meeting.  Every year the topic for the meeting is different.  We have had speakers talk about adoption issues, Korean culture, parenting issues, diversity, and self esteem issues.  We rent a clubhouse for this event and everyone brings a dish to share.


Playgroups.  The location is different every time.  We meet at someone’s home or a park.

Monthly “Mom’s Night Out”.  We meet at a restaurant and just socialize with other moms in our group (Currently in need of a person to organize this event).